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Sculpture by Evan J. Hughes

A selection of some of my sculptures, both abstract and figurative, serious and for fun. Click on the images to see a larger version.


Quietly Dreaming

Marble with a cold cast resin/brass base

The marble has light pink veining and has been carved to a thickness of around two millimetres in places. The piece is intended to sit on a window sill and with the light behind the thin stone, the translucency of the stone makes the piece appear to `glow'.

The base was modelled in clay around the stone and a two piece wax mould with a plaster jacket made. The polyester resin / bronze base was then cast in-situ around the stone and then the wax mould removed (carefully!), leaving the base interlocking with the stone.

Fishing Banana

Concrete (painted)

An alternative to the traditional garden gnome. Cast in concrete from a two piece PVC mould with plaster jacket.

Flying Bananas (Duck!)

Plaster (painted, limited edition of 13 sets)

My version of the flying duck. Thirteen sets of three cast in plaster from a latex mould with a multi-part plaster back-shell.


Plaster and concrete (painted)

Lisa is holding a scarlet king snake, which in turn is holding a `flaming' branch (the lamp). Best effort so far at a female banana. The cable runs in a copper tube that forms the arm and runs into the body and out through the concrete base. The main body is lightweight concrete block and plaster. The arms and the joint between the body and the base is reinforced with polyester resin and glass fibre. See how Lisa was made here.


Ferro cement and plaster (painted)

Cyril was intended as a flower pot stand, but currently holds a toilet roll, a little disconcerting maybe but very practical.

Built from leftovers: a chicken wire frame, filled with lightweight concrete (off-cuts from Hidden Thoughts) and then built up with left over floor tile cement. The outer skin is of old plaster with a steel and car body filler arm, finished off with surplus masonry paint. Nice lad is Cyril.


Wood and steel cables

Forming a circle from straight lines is easy in two dimensions. In 3D, the mathematics gets a little more tricky (yipee!, sad I know). Click here for a rotating animation.

One problem is designing the sculpture, another is making it easy to build. The orientation of the 23 cables forming the circle has been optimised to give the worst case of wire-to-wood angle of 17 degrees. This wood and wire structure is a prototype - I have steel tubing, I can get steel bars and I have the welder; I just need skill at welding before I remake Insight out of steel! I am not sure what has happended to the original version now as it was left in the garden at Stratford when the house was sold.

Hidden Thoughts

Carved lightweight concrete (painted)

Carved from lightweight concrete blocks, then given a thin plaster skin and painted. Intended for a site near a pond - if it falls in it will float! A two piece latex mould with a 6 piece glass reinforced plaster shell has now been made for casting concrete replicas. These do not float though. Click here for an image of the back of the piece.


Purbeck Limestone with a cold cast resin/bronze base

Carved limestone, part polished and part left with tooling marks for contrast. A cold cast resin/bronze base has been cast around the stone. A three piece plaster mould was formed around the stone and a clay form for the base. The mould was removed and filled with polyester resin and bronze powder and backed up with glass fibre and more resin. The mould pieces were then joined around the stone and more resin used to join the base, the cavity was then filled with concrete. the plaster mould was then carefully chipped away and the bronze patinated.


Black pine

Carved from an off-cut of Pinus Negra from the base of the tree, the wood is very resinous and has wonderful swirling grain patterns and luckily, very few shakes. The carving is simple, with a large gouge, and the surface left with the crisp chisel cuts. The wood has been treated with a clear preservative and Danish oil.

Liz, James, and Dan

Tinted plaster with Cotswold stone bases

The daughter and two nephews. Modelled 80% size, then hollow cast in a tinted plaster from two-piece PVC moulds with plaster shells. The bases are Cotswold stone with etched name plates.

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