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Sculpture by Evan J. Hughes

A selection of some of my sculptures, both abstract and figurative, serious and for fun. Click on the images to see a larger version.



Cotswold Limestone

This fine grained Cotswold limestone has been carved in an abstract form, dictated mainly by the flaws within the stone. Part of the piece has been extended on an aluminium tube, giving a `disjointed' appearance. A rough base is shown in this picture, although the piece is now mounted on a turned base.

The One That Got Away

Welsh Granite

Carved from a dark Welsh granite, the stylised fish form is `leaping' from the water. The surface has been left with the tooling marks on most of the surface, leaving a light grey colour, and other parts polished highly to give a dark shine.


Carved Lightweight Concrete (painted)

This abstract form has been carved from two lightweight concrete blocks cemented together (work in progress). A thin plaster skin is then applied to give a smooth surface, then painted to add colour. Originally intended as a garden sculpture.

Brass Half Armillary Sphere Sundial


This sundial has two movable arms, allowing the sundial to be adjusted for GMT/BST and any longitude/latitude in the UK. The dial has been etched with the hours and half hours from 6 am to 6 pm. In an armillary sundial, the gnomon points towards the pole star, and the hours are marked at 15 degree intervals on the dial plate, allowing the adjustable design.

`Equilateral' Sundial

Cumbrian Slate

This sundial is made entirely from equilateral triangles. This means the gnomon will have an angle of 60 degrees. Thus the dial plate must be marked out for a 60 degree latitude, but in southern England, the latitude is around 51 degrees, and so the dial plate must be tilted backwards to correct the gnomon angle. This is achieved by making one of the triangular legs smaller that the other two.

The Girls

Cold Cast Resin/Bronze

Children's hands have been pressed into a soft oil-based `clay' and a resin bronze cast taken. This is then strengthened with a glass fibre and polyester resin layer and then framed.

Medium Rhubarb Leaf

Cold Cast Resin/Bronze

A plaster waste mould was made from a rhubarb leaf and a mixture of polyester resin and bronze powder, reinforced with glass fibre, layered in the mould. The plaster was then chipped away and the bronze polished. The leaf is intended to form part of a fountain cascade.

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