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Sculpture by Evan J. Hughes

A selection of some of my sculptures, both abstract and figurative, serious and for fun. Click on the images to see a larger version.


Homage to Picasso

Earthenware and Steel

The elements of the face are glazed earthenware, attached to a galvanised steel plate with magnets. The features can be arranged as appropriate to suit any mood!

Pierced Form


The piece is made from an iron-rich soapstone and is pierced with a small hole. The majority of the surface is polished, with a small amount left rough to add texture, and to catch the light. The piece is an experimental form. View from front, close-up view.

Guiding Light

Pembrokeshire Carboniferous Limestone and Steel

The piece is carved and polished in a simple form, with an inscription on the front. The stone hangs from a `foot' made from (slightly rusted) steel. The rough surface of the steel is a contrast to the dark polished stone. The piece was difficult to carve as personally, I do not like it.

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