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Sculpture and Photographs
by Evan J. Hughes


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A selection of my pictures are also available to buy as prints from ImageKind.
Just for fun (or to maintain my insanity), I started a blog and managed to take a new photograph every day for over 4 and a half years (Eeek!)It is lurking here: My Photo Blog

This site is in major roadworks (still!!!)

A reminder of a good summer; and a bit of fun with seeing how far I could twist the lens around to play with the focus: It is only the grass under the hammock that is really sharp...
4"x5" re-cycled floorboard view camera with 180mm enlarger lens, Ilford paper for a negative

On the beach at Calais; rather windy.

You need red/cyan glasses for the best effect
The red needs to be over your left eye, cyan on the right.
Just a red filter over your left eye will give a good effect, and make you look silly

stereo pinhole camera, 24mm focal length, f/120 35mm PolyPan-F film


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