Evan's Sculpture Page

Sculpture by Evan J. Hughes

Pictures of work in progress for a selection of some of my sculptures. Click on the images of the finished sculpture to see the progression of the work.

This page is still under construction.



Plaster (painted)

Lisa is The first of my lamps and is holding a scarlet king snake, which in turn is holding a `flaming' branch (the lamp). Best effort so far at a female banana. The cable runs in a copper tube that forms the arm and runs into the body and out through the concrete base. The main body is lightweight concrete block and plaster. The arms and the joint between the body and the base is reinforced with polyester resin and glass fibre.


Plaster (painted)

Karen is the second of my lamps. She is constructed from plaster and burlap, built up over a welded steel armature. The oval base is cast from concrete, and the junction between the body and the base is reinforced with glass reinforced plastic.


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