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Work in progress for Lisa

Lisa begins with the tube for the cable run made from copper pipe. A threaded brass fitting is soldered onto the top, and extra tubing added to support the base. The tube will run through the body, the arm and the branch.

Next another tube is added to support the body, and the cable is threaded through. The cable was rather tricky as the 90 degree bend at the base was not easy to navigate. The base is an octagonal design and concrete is cast within a wooden former. The concrete adds weight to support Lisa, although the body/base joint will need reinforcing with glass-reinforced-plastic for strength. A wide base was chosen to allow coffee cups to be placed easily!

The inner of the body is formed from light-weight concrete held on with plaster bandages. The concrete is easy to shape with a rasp if need be. The form is then built up with plaster bandages.

The bulk of the body has been roughed out (the areas of grey concrete show through in places where they have been exposed by the rasp). The shape of a `female' banana was not easy to achieve and a few modifications took place. The lampshade has been attached so the overall composition can be assessed.

The modelling is complete and a plaster skin has been applied ready for painting. Lisa's left arm is still not properly attached as she will be painted and varnished in the region behind the hand first.

Lisa has been given several coats of shellac as a sealant prior to painting.

Painting of the body is complete and the snake and branch have only had their white undercoat. Lisa's left arm is still not attached and is hanging from the wall on the left of the picture. The hand has been modelled from epoxy putty.

Lisa finished and placed by the sofa.


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